Arraignment Scheduled Today for Alleged Irvine Child Rapist

Angel Leonel Alonzo. Photo courtesy OC District Attorney’s office

Angel Leonel Alonzo, 22, of Los Angeles, is scheduled to be arraigned today in Orange County Superior Court on charges that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old Irvine girl.

“Alonzo has been charged with three felony counts of oral copulation of a victim under the age of 16, two felony counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, one felony count of sodomy of a victim under the age of 16, one felony count of sexual penetration by a foreign object of a victim under the age of 16, one felony count of using a minor in the production of child pornography, and one felony count of sending child pornography to a minor,” stated a Sept. 20 news release sent out by the Orange County District Attorney’s office and the Irvine PD. “He has also been charged with one misdemeanor count of possession of child pornography.”

Irvine PD arrested Alonzo on the morning of Thursday, Sept. 19. He faces a maximum sentence of 11 years and six months if convicted on all charges.

“The internet provides predators with unfettered access to children who they can select and groom in order to abuse them,” said Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer in the Sept. 20 news release. “As parents, teachers, coaches, and mentors, we must do everything we can to educate our children about the dangers of the internet and prevent them from becoming victimized. And as law enforcement, we will hold these predators accountable.”

Detectives believe there may be other possible victims, and ask that anyone with information regarding with information regarding this case contact Irvine Police Detective Jameson Roberts at (949) 724-7170.

Anthony Pignataro has been a journalist since 1996. He spent a dozen years as Editor of MauiTime, the last alt weekly in Hawaii. He also wrote three trashy novels about Maui, which were published by Event Horizon Press. But he got his start at OC Weekly, and returned to the paper in 2019 as a Staff Writer.

4 Replies to “Arraignment Scheduled Today for Alleged Irvine Child Rapist”

  1. I truly hope he gets what he deserves in prison. 11 years is not nearly enough what he truly deserves thank you Anthony pignataro I have two younger sisters and I’m definitely going to speak to them about the dangerous of meeting strangers online

    1. What the hell ? 11 years for all that . i thought i was reading a typo , are you serious man ? Im outraged at this bullshit because this little girl is ruined for life so therefore his life should have been spent in jail.

  2. 11 years is not enough time for someone who permanently has stolen the childhood innocence of this young girl. Hopefully the sentence will be increased due to public outcry and this pedophile will be sodomized/tortured daily to remind him of what a POS he is

  3. I have a friend who did almost that much time for dealing pot a few years ago, before it basically became legal. 11 years 6 months is how long I would hang this guy upside down by his toes……

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