Feds Foil Boatload of Asian Immigrants from Entering U.S. on Orange County Beach

U.S. border fence with Mexico

Fourteen foreign nationals, mostly Asian, made it about 80 nautical miles from Mexico into the U.S. on Jan. 28 before landing their boat on an Orange County beach inside the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, running across Pacific Coast Highway and attempting to hide near Huntington Harbor.

After the military base’s security witnessed the breach and notified the Huntington Beach Police Department and its counterpart in Seal Beach, officers found and arrested 11 Asian males, an Asian female and two Latinos—none of whom had government permission to enter this country.

Local officials turned the immigrants over to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, who transported them to the San Clemente Border Patrol Station for processing.

Inside the Ronald Reagan Federal Courthouse in Santa Ana, a federal agent with the California Border Enforcement Security Task Force (“LA-BEST”) filed paperwork against three of the people apprehended: Julio Cesar Murillo-Arce (conspiring to bring “illegal aliens” to the U.S.; Jinglong Lin (illegal re-entry in the U.S. after having been deported in the past); and Diego Heriberto Hernandez-Ramirez (who is facing the same charge as Lin).

In an interview with federal officials, Murillo admitted he was supposed to be paid $5,000 to pilot the boat and was provided a handheld GPS device to help navigate, but he claimed he couldn’t identify his employer.

Lin, who speaks Mandarin, hoped to be released pending the outcome of the case, but a magistrate judge this week denied bail.

CNN-featured investigative reporter R. Scott Moxley has won Journalist of the Year honors at the Los Angeles Press Club; been named Distinguished Journalist of the Year by the LA Society of Professional Journalists; earned six dozen other reporting awards; obtained one of the last exclusive prison interviews with Charles Manson disciple Susan Atkins; featured in Jeffrey Toobin’s The Best American Crime Reporting; and hailed by two New York Times Magazine writers for his “herculean job” exposing entrenched Southern California law enforcement corruption.

7 Replies to “Feds Foil Boatload of Asian Immigrants from Entering U.S. on Orange County Beach”

  1. The wall isn’t about keeping out Mexicans. It’s about keeping people out we don’t know what their plans are once they get here. If they can’t obey the laws on how to immigrate here. They’re less likely to obey any laws we have once they are here as well.

    1. Yet your president Trump only wants to build a wall on the southern border, if you want to keep people out build it around the entire country to be fair, looks like he only wants to keep out Mexicans.

      And what’s the deal with Mexico paying for this wall? Looks like he can’t even get people in his own party to agree to this, if he wants it so bad and is so “rich” then he should pay for the damn thing himself.

  2. I’m very surprised that the Coast Guard did not apprehend the small vessel while it was at sea. That is a long way from the Mexican Border to the Seal Beach Naval station. Not to mention the San Diego Sheriff Marine division or the Orange County Sheriff Marine division.

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