Chapis Goes From Bedroom Project to Band

Chapis (Credit: Danny Orona)

Chapis is more than a band to Temo Molina, it is a way to express himself because of the creative freedom it allows.

Molina and his bandmates started this project a little over a year ago after the break up of his previous band.

“We have some revolving musicians who come in and collaborate with us and they sometimes play shows. There are kind of seven of us and we kind of just switch around and mix things up,” Molina says.

Chapis recently put out their first EP, La Boca, that consists of three songs that they have been playing for about a year. According to Molina, the band is currently working on a lot of material to make into more EPs by the end of this year.

As of right now, Chapis is not looking to do a full length album as their next project.

“I know that we have enough material for a full length but I’m not sure it is the best approach at the moment. It seems like we’ve put out albums in the past so we aren’t itching to put out a full length and I think the new approach is less but, hopefully, better,” Molina says.

When Molina’s old band broke up, he began writing his own material and making recordings in his bedroom, where the Chapis home recording project began in 2018. Once he had the material he was encouraged to get a band together so they could start performing the songs live.

Credit: Danny Orona

The band forged some great memories over the span of a year. One memory in particular stands out to Molina from the traveling aspect of being in a band.

Molina recalls going to Tijuana and renting out a house when they had a show to play there. They played a show at the Mustache Bar and it was the furthest city that they had performed in.

“We’re trying to build some momentum and play shows outside of our hometown so Tijuana has been the most exciting one to go to because it’s another country even though it’s just a couple hours away,” Molina says. “People out there are really nice and welcoming so it was really cool.”

Chapis will be doing a combined EP release show with their friend Julian J, who is also releasing an EP. The show will be at the Wayfarer in Costa Mesa on May 30. Doors are at 8 p.m.  

“I would say that Chapis is kinda like a laid back, groovy, synth and chorus driven. It’s kind of hard to describe but what I like about it is that it feels like it’s a lot less restricted than being in a typical band because, as crazy as it sounds, sometimes there are too many cooks in the kitchen,” Molina says. “This new project feels like it’s my project but everybody can contribute and whoever wants to contribute is more than welcome to.”

Chapis performs with Ron Artis II & The Truth and Julian J at The Wayfarer on Thursday, May 30, 8 p.m., $10. For full info, click here. 

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