DoorBasher [Hey, You!]

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Why do I have to give a predetermined tip for a guy who fucked up my meal after I worked all day and want to relax and enjoy dinner, but now can’t because the food is cold/the drink is wrong/there’s missing items? It’s completely unfair to those drivers who give 150 percent, the drivers who always bring me plates, napkins, salsa, a smile, thanks and even a promo card with a sucker attached as a gift. You making us tip prior to delivery is like me going to a salon with long hair to just get my split ends trimmed, tipping the girl $30 ahead of time and ending up with a military-style buzz cut. This is completely unfair to all the drivers who go out of the way to make my delivery experience awesome. I have no problem giving a driver a $5 or $10 tip for great service, but now I must tip even if the service is terrible? Please change back to the old way.

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    1. Hey Salvi
      I’m also a Dasher. Sucks now that we only get $1 plus any tips before delivery. I was making over $460 a week in tips before they changed the pay platform. All of Dashers need to meet up and boycott this shit. I typed up a text msg I’d send out upon picking up an order explaining how the new pay scale effective 3/1/19 works to Customer and if the wanna tip additional upon delivery they can. Well some stuck up whining bitch from Irwhine….oopps meant Irvine. (I know the bitch) complained to doordash. I’ve spoken to like over 140 Customers and they all HATE new tip platform . They all say it’s unfair, and several have stated delivery driver service has dropped drastically. I’m one of the drivers who go out of my way to go get the food delivered hot and fast. I won’t bullshit… I’ll do 60mph in a 45mph zone😆. I provide little extras like salsa if order chicken from elpollo loco, make sure restaurant includes cheese and pepper packs if getting pizza, . Why the fuck should I have to get the same tip as a dumbass Dasher who’s late, gives Customer a soda with heavy ice when asked lite ice.

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