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The Best of Unique LA’s 2017 Santa Monica Show: Skin Care, Designer Pipes and More!

The Unique LA event in Santa Monica on Aug. 19 and 20 was aflutter with local and global vendors hawking their hipster wares. Among the myriad jewelry, artsy greeting cards, beard oils, pet accessories, clothing, candles, interior design toppers and art, several vendors stood out. Here’s some of the most innovative and intriguing products:

Rosen Skincare: Young Jamika Martin founded this line of skin care (www.rosenskincare.com [1]) that focuses on natural ingredients for toners, mud masks, hydrating mists and cleansers. Clean skin for the win!

Urb Is Nice: These handcrafted concrete smoking pipes (urbisnice.com [2]) were made with a modern, minimalist sensibility. The Flue pipe has a smooth, flat design and features a discrete enclosed bowl. The Thimble pipe doubles as an incense burner. Both come in light pink and gray colors.

Facekins: As someone who uses cotton pads for daily makeup removal, Facekins (www.facekins.com [3]) are a godsend. These reusable fabric pads are made from recycled plastic—although you wouldn’t know it by looking at them because they feel so damn soft. You can use them for cleaning anything, then just throw them in the washer to make them like new. They come in four shapes and sizes and are a perfect way to keep your skin-care routine environmentally conscious.

Yesterday’s: SanTana’s own pin company (www.yesterdays.co [4]) brings licensed enamel beauties to lovers of pop culture. The variety runs from dirty jokes (dick bananas, vibrators, etc.) to bands (Misfits, Wu-Tang Clan) to artist-designed pins (Coop, Tara McPherson, Estevan Oriol) and more (Rick and Morty, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Saga).

Pamela V: Last year, I profiled Peruvian designer Pamela Kukulys (Instagram: 0x000A@pamelav_kukulys), whose indigenous textiles from Peru, Morocco, India and Mexico decorate clothing, purses, shoes, bags, rugs and other beautiful garments. Her products are available in many stores, including Prism Boutique (406 Termino Ave., Long Beach, 562-433-9057; www.prismboutique.com [5]), Free People (www.freepeople.com [6]) or wherever bohemian fashion is sold.