Top 5 Cheesiest (Yet Somehow Awesome) Video Game Songs

Video games have some of the best music in the entertainment industry. Everything from orchestrated works of art to the most hardcore metal, there is such a diverse amount of great music within gaming that even non-gamers typically listen to it without even playing the games they were a part of.

However, just like the '90s, video gaming has had its share of embarrassingly cheesy music. The following are examples of five songs that are so cheesy that it somehow ends up being awesome. Admit it: You've caught yourself singing some of these songs in the shower at one point or another.

5. “Night Trap Main Theme”
(Night Trap, Sega Mega CD, 1992)

Standout Lyrics:
“Night Trap!
That boy will find you!
Night Trap!
Watch out behind you!
Night Trap!
Girls if you are driving a ride…

You'll be caught in the night — Night Trap!”

This scene was probably considered hot by many back in the early 90's when Night Trap was released for the Sega Mega CD. This cheesy scene involving seven girls (from what appears to be the 80's) singing along to the song “Night Trap” shows how great this FMV classic was. Megan (the blonde one with permed hair) sure as hell wasn't afraid to rock out on the tennis racket to get the party started! However, to this day, there has been one mystery regarding this scene that no one seems to know the answer to: Why does the blonde girl in the background remove her shirt at the 1:50 mark?

4. “Indestructible” (Street Fighter IV, Arcade 2008)

Standout Lyrics:

“Indestructible! I won't let nobody break me down (break me down)
Indestructible! Nothing's gonna stop me now (now)”

Strangely, this is what I missed most about about Street Fighter IV (Each subsequent iteration of SFIV didn't include this song) whenever I “upgraded” to the newest version of the game. Sure, it sounds like an annoying boy band pop song when you first heard it, but it's so catchy that “Indestructible” is bound to be a classic.

3. “Donkey Kong Rap”
(Donkey Kong 64, Nintendo 64, 1999)

Standout Lyrics:
“His coconut gun can fire in spurts. If he shoots ya, it's gonna hurt!”

The “Donkey Kong Rap” is probably the worst rap songs ever written, but you know you still love it. It's rap from the 90's, what do you expect? Believe it or not, but the words to the “DK Rap” actually pissed off a lot of parents when it was released on the N64 back in 1999. Apperently, the lines “But this Kong is one Hell of a guy” didn't go to well with all of the soccer moms out there, despite the game involves a family of apes murdering just about every creature in their way in order to get their bananas back. Oh, and they also had a slutty female ape, too. But hey, parents know what's best for their kids.

2. “I Wanna Take You For a Ride” (Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes, Arcade, 2000)

Standout Lyrics:
“I Wanna Take You For a Ride!”

I really like the part of the song when she sings, “I wanna take you for a ride.”
This song plays on an infinite loop during the character selection screen of the second iteration of the popular Marvel vs Capcom game series. Sure, it'll make your ears bleed whenever you hear the song, but admit it: you find it somehow charming and catchy. Now if only someone can post the lyrics up for this song…

1. “Cruisin' USA Intro Song” (Cruisin' USA, Arcade, 1994)

Standout Lyrics:

The intro song to Cruisin' USA is somewhat of an anthem to the arcade rats that are old enough to remember the cheesy rock music blasting through the speakers of the Cruisin' arcade cabinets. The song is awesome. It's got nostalgic, it's laughably bad, and it's the cheesiest video game song to ever written. And we all freaking love it.

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