Well Hung Heart Rage Against the End of the World (and Noodles) in New Video for “Obey”

Well Hung Heart (Credit: ZB Images)

You’ve got to hand it to Well Hung Heart, a band that always knows how to go big. Between running their own production company and record label (Grow Vision Music), pumping out driving, radio-ready rock tunes with the quickness and shredding on stage, Orange-based duo Greta Valenti and Robin Davey have always been a force to be reckoned with. So its no surprise that for their new song about society’s slavery to our social media overlords, the band compels us yet again to sit up and take notice of technology’s grip on our souls by keeping our eyes glued to the screen just a little bit longer with their explosive new video for their  single aptly titled “Obey.”

With this dystopian glam rock tune for our troubled times, WHH once again play to their strengths–raw power, dirty distortion and a  catchy chorus that you can whistle to while the world burns.  Their newest four-piece incarnation, rounded out by bassist Danielle “Chip” Lehman and drummer Brad Jones are at the center of this stylish new video which features a special guest appearance from a deranged Noodles of The Offspring playing a TV anchor lulling us into a false sense of security while trying to mask the psycho within.

“We wanted to release ‘Obey’ first as it is the most direct message with kind of an ominous warning to it,” Valenti says in a statement. “The song itself has a very fun swagger, but with an underlining sort of biblical warning to it all.” The fact the band managed to land a legend like Noodles is pretty biblical as well, and makes  perfect sense considering the band have been an opening act for the OC punk icons in recent months. 

The song is also a fitting first salvo for a record titled “Songs For the End of the World” due out later this year along with a visual album as well as a full length horror feature film. Speaking of blood and guts, some might also recognize the video’s hat tip to cult horror films like John Carpenters’s film They Live and George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead–only the zombies Valenti sings about are addicted to their smart phones instead of actual brains. 

On the heels of the new video, officially released today, this summer the band will be playing Rocklahoma festival onMay 27th with a few tour dates leading up and producing the second installment of their own “Inclusive Specialty Rock Festival,” Feedback Fest on August 18th, in Santa Ana specifically designed to highlight under-represented artists in Rock music. Now that it’s pretty clear there’s nothing this band can’t or won’t do to light a fire under their fan base, it seems there really is nothing left to do but do like the song says…obey. 

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