5 Best Jenna Jameson-Tito Ortiz Twitter Wars

If two crazy kids–an ex-MMA fighter and ex-porn star–can't make it, what chance is there for the rest of us?

Yes, it's tissue time as the onoffonoffonoffonoffonoffonoff relationship between UFC Hall of Fame “Bad Boy of Huntington Beach” Tito Ortiz and his Club Jenna baby mama Jenna Jameson is off. Again. I think.

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By the time this is posted, they'll probably tweet about having great makeup sex. Again. Which is the actual point of this post. No, not the sweet lovemaking, you degenerate, but the sour tweets that accompany each and every one of their break-ups.

Santa Ana-born Ortiz and Jameson have been together at least since announcing it was so on The Howard Stern Show in November 2006. She was at his side at many fight-related events, modeled his Punishment brand clothing and gave birth to their twins in March 2009. Eleven months later, Jameson accused Ortiz of battering her in their Huntington Harbour home, leading to his arrest and a night in jail. He later accused her of being doped up on OxyContin. When he stood to lose 15 million UFC bucks (which spend the same as U.S. currency) for violating Rule No. 1 of his fight club (no smacking your beotch around unless Dana White sanctions it first), the couple quickly patched things up.

What follows, in chronological order, are our five favorite Tito-Jenna Twitter wars, which begin shortly after her abuse allegations and end with his latest claim that it's all over. Again. I think. Note that Ortiz could not respond to the first salvo seeing as how he was sitting in a Huntington Beach jail cell, where only arrested mayors and City Council members are granted access to mobile technology.

APRIL 2010

@jennajameson –  'I'm sorry to all of my fans, but I'm going to be quitting Twitter. I cant take any more abuse from ANYONE.. To my sweet fans…thank you'


@jennajameson – I love @ titoortiz so much

@ titoortiz – @ jennajameson is that's why u are sleeping in another persons bed?

@jennajameson – How can someone you supposedly love hack your twitter and tell people lies about you?

@ titoortiz – Home alone again with an empty bed. Think I getting use to this. Thank god for a nanny. Couldn't do it alone.

APRIL 2011
(just before UFC 132 fight with Ryan Bader)

@ titoortiz – Ok im done talking about this s**t. I found some s**t out that happen from a few friends. First time my bad ,second her bad ,third I should of believe the first time. Will find someone who respects and supports me. Life will go on! I will stay strong.

@jennajameson – I want the real @titoortiz back. He used to be loving, I get how a lot of you think I'm garbage, but he's me babies daddy, and I love him

JUNE 2011

(Note: This prompted a fan to tweet to Jameson whether Ortiz meant his career or their relationship.)


Some believe these posts between Jameson and a UFC fighter who is not Tito Ortiz . . .

. . . sparked this from Tito:

How about a gal with no fingers?

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