Eat This Now: Seasonal Fruit at Lido Bottle Works


Beautiful flavors Photo by Cynthia Rebolledo

Lido Bottle Works just got a new executive chef in Amy Lebrun, who’s bringing in locally sourced seasonal cuisine. Lebrun has been with the restaurant as executive sous chef since it opened—and now she’s leading the kitchen with a focus on ingredients and techniques that result in a stunning array of flavors, textures and presentations. To get a taste of her cooking style, we recommend going for brunch and ordering the seasonal fruit.

Lebrun takes lightly sweetened homemade granola and lays it atop a delicate Greek yogurt (also house-made). Creamy on its own, the dish is then enhanced with the bright floral sweetness of honey sourced from Yorba Linda’s Massey Honey Co., crisp slivers of apple and pear, blackberries, and just-picked petals. It’s as beautiful in color as it is in taste—a delicious reflection of Lebrun’s bold cuisine.

Lido Bottle Works, 3408 Via Oporto Suite 103, Newport Beach, (949) 529-2784;

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