Best Weed-Related Merch on Sale Today: Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, Wavves and Nike

The Snoopermarket cashes in again! And why wouldn't you want this 420 bundle pack sold on Snoop Dogg's merch store? There's Snoop Dogg rolling paper with his face on it (and a “Happy 420” banner, a shirt and a poster. Here's a look at what everyone else is selling on this stoner holiday.


1. Papers! Indie-noise pop act Wavves made, uh, waves when he started selling weed grinders at his shows last year. Now you have the proper accoutrements to the grinder!

2. Lighters! Willie Nelson (who, incidentally, is having a 420 sale on all merch today), sells a lighter with his pot stickers and pot picks.

3. Shoes! Nike's 2011 edition of the Dunk Hi shoe–dedicated to stonermeisters Cheech and Chong, are on sale today. Only 1,000 were made so, uh, if you can get off that couch you'd probably make it.

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