Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Leather-clad, boot-stomping bad-assery is an unmistakable hallmark of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. For 12 years, they’ve cultivated a distinctly dominant career in the lo-fi rock arena—although recent work like 2008’s The Effects of 333 traded some of their cigarette-fueled swagger for something more dreary and ethereal. Luckily, founding members Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been resume their rugged ride down the highway to hell with their latest album, Beat the Devil’s Tattoo (released March 8 on Abstract Dragon). It’s their first record with drummer Leah Shapiro (former touring drummer of the Raveonettes). This week, the band pulls into House of Blues armed with their time-tested brand of down and dirty psychedelics, accented by the darker side of folk.

Tue., March 16, 8 p.m., 2010

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