Bob Marley Cheese (Sativa): Our Toke of the Week!

Strain: Bob Marley Cheese (Sativa) 15%-20% THC
Price: $45 1/8th
Dispensary: Strain Station 730 E Dyer Rd Santa Ana CA 92705  714-477-6892

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself” Bob Marley

Long before Bob Marley became the iconic reggae star he converted from Christianity to Rastafarian, he reportedly smoke up to a pound of weed a week, not for recreational use but for religious purposes, to meditate and discover the artist within the person. Bob Marley Cheese is a cross between Bob Marley OG and Cheese Tease strains, it has an aroma of parmesan but not the taste. It’s a creeper, after about 15 or 20 minutes you will be totally relaxed and ready for a deep meditation session or maybe even some hot yoga.

I purchased the Bob Marley Cheese at one of the newest dispensaries in SanTana, Strain Station, they have one of the largest selections of flower in town, they also carry a wide variety of edibles, vape cartridges, ointments and tinctures. First time patients have quite a few options, I opted for a 6 gram eighth, I also received a free top shelf preroll and a chance to win an edible! I won a rice krispy treat.Yay!

I originally went to the dispensary looking for a strong Indica, something to smoke while trying to process the daily news, like a lot of you I’m pretty much done with all the politics, first we had to endure one of the longest campaign seasons of all time and since January 20th I just want to get stoned for 4 years without a break. Ugh! I was very intrigued by the cheese smell of the strain so I chose the Bob Marley.

I got home and cleaned my pipe of all resin so I could see if it actually tasted like cheese, well I didn’t get any cheese flavor, a slight disappointment, but it was one of the smoothest smoking strains I have ever smoked. Smooth and enjoyable, it’s also very dense with a lot of tiny orange hairs throughout the buds. I smoked a small bud and went ahead and smoked another one, probably the equivalent of half a joint. By the time I finished the second bowl I had a heavy duty buzz going, I felt relaxed, happy, I could give a sh*t about the news. At $45 for a 6 gram eighth, the Bob Marley Cheese was one of the best strains I’ve had. I was pretty high for a good hour, I would recommend this strain for anxiety, pain or if you are going through chemotherapy.
“Love the Life you Live, Live the Life you Love”  Bob Marley

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