Burger Records to Unleash Wiener Dog Benefit Compilation

You've gotta hand it to the guys running Burger Records–whatever some animal activists may say about their undying taste for cow meat on a bun, the label definitely does their part to help any endangered house pets they come across. This week, the Fullerton garage label/record store announced via Facebook the release of a massive compilation to help cover the medical costs of one lucky wiener dog. The puppy's name is Popcorn. That's her above–can you feel your heart melting already?

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The pooch belongs to Mike McKinney from M2 Communications–the
company that manufactures all of Burger's trusty cassettes (over
100,000 so far!). The label found out that McKinney's dog requires
surgery to remove a large abscess from her stomach. So naturally, the
label founders Sean Bohrman and Lee Rickard along with store co-founder
Brian Flores stepped in to help off set the hospital costs in the best
way they knew how. Seriously, fucking hearts of gold over there.

may remember earlier this year when the guys also came to the aid of a
rescued kitten, Mr. Queenie, with great success (anyone still have
that Kitty Comp?). Though a firm release date hasn't been set yet, the
label already claims to have about 60 artists and bands from their label
who've offered up unreleased songs for the cause, including Thee Oh Sees, The
Abigails, Cumstain and the Resonars and many more.

Yesterday, we
received a tripped-out sample track from Hott MT (of crazy Wayne Coyne
stalker story fame) called “Alien Adoption that you'll want to check out here.

The label–which also just launched its crazy cut-and-paste
YouTube series Burger TV this month–promises to keep us posted on the
details of when and where the comp will be available. Until then, keep
your wallets and mouse clicking fingers at the ready.

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