Dapper Day Continues to Grow at Disneyland—And Its Founders are Planning More

“It just seemed like everyone was looking for a reason to step out in style,” says Justin Jorgensen one of the founders of the unofficial event known as “Dapper Day”, which has gathered contemporary and vintage fashionistas at Disneyland since 2011. The classy celebration made its Fall appearance yesterday at the Disneyland Resort and Hotel. “This gives families an opportunity to have the family dress up, go to the park, have amazing photos be taken and you don't feel strange about it at all.”

After five years of Dapper and counting, Jorgensen says the day holds a unique power to unite people for more than just a good-looking time. “There's been people that have met their partners at this event, then got engaged at a following Dapper Day event, then some even have gotten married at a Dapper Day event,” he says, “The clothing is really just the facilitator to the social element of it…and the conversation starter between strangers.”

Aside from creative outfits, other classy social catalysts throughout Dapper Day included shopping for fabulous threads and accessories at the Dapper Day Expo, swing dance workshops, a Charles Phoenix meet-and-greet, and watching the Dapper Dans harmonize classic tunes on a sparkly and quaint Main Street.

While Dapper Day did get its start at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, the fashion event is currently expanding to compliment other classy spaces across the nation. Just this summer, Dapper Day hosted an event at LACMA and is now expected to debut at Epcot's International Food and Wine Festival in Florida later this week. Jorgensen says Dapper Day's latest expansions are just the beginning of even bigger things. “I will say I do have some big blue sky ideas for a great new event in Los Angeles that would be unlike anything that currently exists that really celebrates Los Angeles and California culture.”

As Dapper Day continues to grow and starts to lend its style to other stylish venues, Jorgensen acknowledges that there's still something uniquely magical about Disneyland that compliments Dapper Day's tribute to refined taste like no other place. “There's something to be said when you're matching the attention to detail in how you're dressing to the attention to detail that was given to that environment,” Jorgensen says, “Which is why the event is so successful at the Disney park because the parks themselves have such a high level of detail and artistry.”

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