Day N Night Is a Hit With Hip-Hop Heads at Angel’s Stadium

Day N Night
Angels Stadium Parking Lot

Friday, Sep. 8

12:20 p.m. Just realized I forgot my debit card somewhere. Wonder what my durag is worth in cash… (Nick Nuk’em)

12:42 I’m just assuming every 5’0 white kid is Matt Ox. I’ve seen 684 of them already. (NN)

1:25 Leven Kali having technical difficulties but his gospel background really stabilizing him as his DJ has problems giving him a backing track. He’s low-key sounds Frankie Lymon (NN)

3:27 “How many Nirvana fans we got in this muthafucka?” Asks Dante of THEY. before going into “Rather Die,” their cover of Nirvana’s “Polly”. Fans erupt but when he gets to the song’s hook—-silence. Also most energy so far today. (NN)

3:56 Pouya has an ASL translator up on stage and she is going TF off! (NN)

3:59 I’m starting a petition to rename VIP to NTL (not that lit). Why would you pay more money to have less fun? That’s some weird inverse science shit I’m too dumb to break down. (NN)

4:10 Pouya just told VIP to to watch GA learn to turn up. He gets it. (NN)

6:12 I think Kamaiyah just promised the crowd chicken and Hennessy. If so, I’ll marry her right now. (NN)

6:33 Famous Dex is taking his clothes off. He did the same last year. Back to back winner of Day N Night’s Most Naked Award. (NN)

6:34 This might sound weird but I forgot I went vegetarian last week and ate one or two or three free Chick-Fil-A sandwiches courtesy of Kamaiyah. And I don’t even fuck with Chick-Fil-A cause of their problematic stances. Sandwich(es)was so fire, though, it’s kinda hard to regret. Still waiting on that Henny, though. (NN)

6:50 I’ve now seen 20,367 Matt Ox(en) impersonator. Crazy to think there’s two more of days of this. (NN)

7:19 If there’s one thing I learned from last year’s Day N Night, I’m parking as close to the exit as possible and leaving before the headliner is finished to avoid another nightmare situation when leaving. (Josh Chesler)

7:36 I’m late to the party today, but everyone seems a lot happier to be at a music festival in the parking lot of Angel Stadium than they usually are for the Observatory’s signature parking lot festivals. I briefly thought maybe it wouldn’t be in the parking lot, but then I remembered who was putting it on. (JC)

7:51 There’s a surprising amount of kids here who are really going for that Post Malone look, and many more who think they’re various ethnicities of A$AP Rocky. (JC)

8:02 Not sure if it’s nicer pavement, the giant hat, or just more space between people, but this is definitely a more comfortable parking lot venue than most of the others I’ve been in. (JC)

8:16 Considering that I don’t know most of the names on the lineup today, Majid Jordan is pretty much the whole reason I showed up. (JC)

8:27 Just heard that Kodak Black’s set from earlier was rescheduled to tomorrow because he got caught up in the hurricane. Even though I only know bits of one song and generally oppose supporting rapists and abusers, I can’t help but laugh every time I hear that Caillou reference in the song used on the credits of an episode of Insecure. (JC)

8:48 The guy at the beer tent said they already stopped serving for the night, but it’s not even 9:00 yet. Miscommunication or strange rule? (JC)

8:53 Chief Keef such a legend that every time he’s on a bill with younger rappers, they flock to watch him perform. Trippie Redd currently on stage watching the Drill music legend. (NN)

8:56 The lady at the beer tent around the corner served me without a problem, so apparently this isn’t some seventh-inning stretch bullshit. (JC)

9:11 Travis Scott has the crowd eating out of his palm. They’re completely silent waiting on his next command. The “Mamacita” intro rides in. It’s electric. (NN)

9:12 I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen Travis Scott, but it’s more times than I’ve ever felt like I needed to. (JC)

9:22 Travis just played “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1,” I almost peed myself at the thought of a Kanye West cameo. (NN)

9:41 Travis Scott is freestyling and teasing his upcoming joing project with Quavo of Migos. ”Huncho farm, Cactus Jack alarm,” he hums on repeat of a few times. This feel one of those historic “I was there” moments. (NN)

9:43 In an attempt to contextualize the rawness of his music and live show, Scott tell the crowd, “this ain’t rated pg, this shit rated porn, nigga!” (NN)

9:45 Travis Scott has been balancing on a animatronic bird for like 15 minutes. My guys core strength must be out of this world. (NN)

9:44 Say what you will about Travis Scott’s rapping skills (for those of us who grew up on Tupac and Nas, they leave plenty to be desired), but he brings enough energy to play any festival full of high school and college kids. (JC)

Saturday, Sep. 9

12:58 Ari Lennox doing a cover of “Feeling On Yo Booty”. Mighty fine start to Day 2. She also just implored us to have sex in the backseat of a car later tonight. Universe willing. (NN)

Sahbabii is making allusions to the Fairly Odd Parents (“Icky Vicky) and Spongebob (“were ‘bout to go barnacles”). Listen to the kids, bro. (NN)

4:40 “Fuck these old niggas. Young niggas run the world,” says Playboi Carti. This is ageism and nothing but ageism. (NN)

6:07 SZA just twirled in some Tims. Probably the most gangster shit that’ll happen all weekend. (NN)

6:42 Post Malone just came out in a mullet and the same boots Jon Voight wore in Holes. Some how this guy is getting whiter. (NN)
6:56 “Y’all can smoke whatever you want: PCP, weed, cigarettes, crystal meth,” says Post Malone. Bro, nah. (NN)

7:12 Kodak Black’s DJ just asked if there were any Dodger fans in the building. He must want to see the world burn. (NN)

“Public service announcement: I do not smoke broccoli any more. I just went to see the doctor, I smoke cantaloupe now,” Kodak Black informs the crowd. (NN)

7:47 I see y’all been watching my kids lately Uzi says as he steps on set. He’s alluding the other artists on the bill being clones of him. (NN)

8:11 Uzi just told everyone 25 and older to leave the building. Wonder what the OATH (Old Ass Trap Heads) Foundation has to say about this. Yes, the OATH Foundation is real, by the way.

9:25 Chance the Rapper just turned this bitch into a sanctuary. Hire him for the next harvest festival. (NN)

Sunday, Sep. 10

1:34 p.m. Huntington Beach’s own Young Pinch is repping 714 on the main stage with his mom to the side wearing a Kool-Aid smile. Dope to have one of our own on a bill with the biggest names in the genre. (NN)

2:51 Some dude in the pit just told me we were at the black Coachella. To-muthafuckin-chè, my guy. (NN)

3:10 I skipped a day of Day N Night to go hang out with emo kids in San Bernardino, and now everyone looks roasted for the last day of this festival. (JC)

3:26 I’ve now tallied 646,834 Matt Oxen this weekend. (NN)

4:01 Just saw a guy with a Jheri curl. A young guy. There’s no way he had an actual Jheri curl right? Damn, it’s a Jheri curl (NN)

4:14 I know who Metro Boomin, Russ, and 21 Savage are, but I’d be lying if I said I could rap more than a chorus of any of their songs. (JC)

Maybe it’s because everyone’s a little bit worn out today, but this is seeming like the most peaceful festival crowd I’ve ever seen. There are also more than a few parental figures in attendance right now. (JC)

5:47Just waited like 15 minutes for jalapeño cheese fries (I’m vegetarian again) to find out they were out of cheese when I got to the order window. Now I’m in line for alcohol. If there’s no Hennessy, I’ll jump from the 300 section. (NN)

6:09 Daniel Caesar got the whole crowd open. (NN)

6:24 “I don’t know who that is, but they’ve got a girl with a big ass up there twerking with them, so I can support that.” Bros gotta have priorities too, I guess. (JC)

7:36 DJ Vision getting the crowd prepped for YG. He’s gotta be one of the best DJs out right now. (NN)

YG is a few days younger than I am and he still seems so much older than just about everyone else here. I guess that means it’s too late for me to start my hip-hop career. (JC)

7:58 I just saw a Matt Ox get punched in the face and listened to his assailant try to justify the punch for like 3 minutes after. That’s 2,432, 739 Matt Oxen I’ve seen this weekend by the way. (NN)

8:03 YG just turned the stage to a strip club. If only my dollar bills could make there from my spot, I’d throw some. Pity (NN)

8:17 There’s a Donald Trump impersonator on stage talking about grabbing one young Latina women’s tacos until YG’s right-hand man, Slim 400 chases him off the stage. (NN)

8:21 Hearing “FDT” at festivals is probably the best thing about the Trump administration so far. YG even brought out a fake Donald Trump for it this time around. (JC)

8:48 $uicideboy$ have dozens of people on stage with them (including Juicy J) and are using video game animations for their backdrop. I’m down with this set until Kendrick comes on. (JC)

Even though I’ve seen him a few times in the last year, I’m still impossibly excited to see Kendrick. (JC)

9:22 Kendrick makes flame effects seem even cooler than they already are (which is already a pretty high bar). This massive crowd is also much better than a lot of Coachella was. Maybe they had time to learn Damn before seeing him this time around. (JC)

9:23 How much side eye am I allowed to give fans who go ham to all of Kendrick’s post-2015 shit and silent for all other the stuff? (NN)

9:32 And now the age old question: Halle Berry or Hallelujah? (NN)

9:46 Watching Kendrick perform with the Disneyland fireworks going off in the background is pretty spectacular. Also, the fact that Angel Stadium is getting a Kendrick Lamar concert is a bigger win than Dodger Stadium has seen in weeks. (JC)

It seems like Kendrick ended just a minute or so too early because the fireworks didn’t shoot from the top of the stage until he’d already left. (JC)

I listen to music. I write about it. I like hot sauce on my chicken.

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