Dekraai, Hutchens and Rackauckas Go Down Dante’s Inferno [OC Weekly Editorial Cartoon]

Looking for medieval inspiration to take on the OC snitch scandal, artist Leslie Agan used the legendary illustrations of Gustave Doré’s take on Dante’s Inferno to create a fabulous, truthful look into the future. As for an artist’s statement, Agan offered this:

Mr. Dekraai, also Hutchens and Rackauckas, have joined Dante and Virgil in a journey across the River Styx where they will soon be getting the tour of their new home. If I remember correctly, out of the nine rings of Hell, murders get to stay in the 7th ring.

Leslie: You got the seventh ring right, but the joke wrong. Dekraii is getting dropped of first, because politicians get dropped off in the eighth ring—and given Hutchens and Rackauckas committed treachery against the public trust, they deserve the ninth!

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