Dr. Edward Michael Linzey Surrenders Medical License Due to Competency Issues

The bad doctor is in. Illustration by Matt Coker

An Irvine obstetrician-gynecologist surrendered his license to practice medicine due to “mental or physical illness affecting competency,” according to the Medical Board of California.

With their signatures to a state acceptance letter in May, Dr. Edward Michael Linzey and his attorneys Dennis K. Ames and Pogey Henderson agreed to the license surrender and the facts stipulated in the medical board investigation that led to the discipline that became effective on June 7.

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Also known as Dr. E. Michael Linzey, he was investigated for his care and treatment of a woman who ultrasounds showed had a pelvic cystic mass before she delivered twins in 2007 as well as before giving birth to a third child in 2010. However, no cysts were seen in her pelvis during both Cesarean section deliveries.

The cysts turned up again during a routine exam in Linzey’s office in 2011, and the OB/GYN eventually sent her to another physician for a robotic-assisted ovarian cystectomy. But the cyst was unchanged when she returned to Linzey’s office in January 2012, so he referred her for another robotic-assisted ovarian cystectomy. Because the doctor who was going to perform the procedure was going to be out on vacation, Linzey did the surgery via a laparotomy incision, which was scheduled for April 6, 2012.

He opened the mass and tried to drain cerebrospinal fluid from the area, but there were complications that left the woman with headaches, bladder pain and feeling cold. Suspecting meningocele–a protrusion of the three membranes covering the brain and spinal cord–Linzey ordered an MRI and referred the patient to a neurosurgeon. It was determined that she likely had had a veterbral column defect since she was born, and she got a lot worse through her treatment on it before she got better.

The medical board investigation concluded Linzey had been incompetent, unprofessional and grossly negligent for failing to have a consultation with a neurosurgeon or general surgeon before the laparotomy and, after opening the woman up and seeing what he was dealing with, he should have closed her up again rather than creating “significant risk of neurological injury” from a procedure that was “outside the scope of practice for an obstetrician-gynecologist.”

The medical board probe also concluded “that his ability to practice his profession safely is impaired due to mental or physical illness affecting competency.”

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6 Replies to “Dr. Edward Michael Linzey Surrenders Medical License Due to Competency Issues”

  1. I am very sorry to hear of this for I found Dr. Linzey an amazingly competent and caring doctor, who delivered two of my children with great professional and personal care. A tough job to do and the world is the less for this outcome.

  2. Dr Linzey was a well loved and respected physician who, like anyone, made a mistake. For many years, he successfully delivered thousands of babies and gave hope to woman who thought they would never get to be mothers. Physicians often have to make tough decisions based on little information and he’s not the first nor will he be the last that has run across a situation like this.
    How sad that you would exploit this unfortunate end to his career. Shame on you, Matt Coker. He deserves better…

    1. Amen!! Dr. Linzey was an amazing dr and I will never forget the experience I had during my delivery. He was there for me when I had my miscarriage and I still believe some of the things he did afterwards is what kept me from having future miscarriages. My son was born in Dec 2010 and couldnt have asked for a better delivery. I was pregnant with my daughter in 2013 and was planning to deliver with him before we moved out of state. My daughter was born March of 2014 and he even called to check on me around my delivery date because the first 6 months I was under his care. He truly cared about his patients.

  3. Dr Linzey delivered both of my children. He gave me the utmost care both professionally & personally. He was always a competent, knowledgeable, positive, caring and loving Doctor. He took time with each patient and I always felt very important. I’m saddened by this news but I do believe in my heart that Dr Linzey was an absolutely amazing physician! So very many feel the same way.

  4. Dr Linzey was indeed an excellent Dr he delivered my son and although he saw me during my daughter but he was vacation when she was to be born. I loved this doctor… many blessings to him and his family.

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