Dre Babinski of Dusty Rhodes and the River Band on her New Band, Miracle Days


Dre Babinski, the sweet-faced violinist of the late, great Dusty Rhodes and the River Band, is heading up to San Francisco right this minute with bandmate Edson Choi (also of the late great DRRB). The duo, collectively known as Miracle Days, will perform a live session of their dreamy pop songs tonight at 7 p.m. on Daytrotter, which you can stream it for $3. After the jump, she talks about how Miracle Days was formed, and gets slightly nostalgic for the past.


On forming Miracle Days: From around the time Dusty Rhodes was closing it's doors, each of us
started thinking about what to do next. I started recording and touring
with other bands but wanted to do something from scratch. I asked Edson
if he wanted to team up on a record, he agreed and we started to demo
song ideas.

Last September, our friends in Dr. Dog had just finished making a
record and offered their amazing studio to us. Their engineer, Nathan
Sabatino, also hopped on-board, which was an incredible treat. We spent 2
1/2 weeks in Philly recording and solidifying the concepts that define
the band.

On how Miracle Days is completely different from Dusty Rhodes and the River Band: It's always good to move on as an artist, but the difference from
DRRB wasn't deliberate. Edson had a certain mood in mind and we
elaborated on that. I think there is common ground between the two
groups; the layering of instruments, string arrangements, and Ed's
songwriting. He wrote a lot of the songs on the Dusty records and I
think you can hear that in Miracle Days as well.

On missing Dusty Rhodes and the River Band:  I miss seeing and just being around everybody. The energy we had when
we played together is a hard thing to match. That said, I think we're
both glad to move on.

On the name Miracle Days: The loose concept of the record and band is the romanticizing of
modern anxiety. Like stepping into a dream-world where one's worries and
fears are something beautiful to behold. A pleasurable tension where
anxiety is consoling you while being under it's burden, and telling you
to enjoy it.

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