Eat This Now: Mac N’ Cheetos at the Attic

The Clucker Mac N Cheetos
Photo by Jakob Layman

Nestled among hipster houses and dive bars in Long Beach is the Attic, which offers one of the greatest comfort-food monstrosities of all time: the Mac N’ Cheetos. Yes, you read that correctly. The pasta comes enveloped in Cheddar, mozzarella and jack cheeses, then topped with Flaming Hot Cheetos and green onions. The result is the perfect mix of savory and spice, with a flavorful punch in every bite!

If you want to take this concoction to the next level, the Attic gives you the option to jazz it up with toppings ranging from caramelized onions to candied cayenne bacon to fried chicken to slow-braised short rib and avocado for only $2 more. The combinations are endless!

The Attic, 3441 E. Broadway, Long Beach, (562) 433-0153;

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