Five Disney Tweens to Become the Next Selena Gomez in 2012

If there's one thing we learned in 2011, it's that Selena Gomez is one of a kind. SIKE! She's a product of the Disney “empire” and if there is one thing we know, it's that Disney pumps out the singing talents of kids faster than Kim Kardashian switches athletes. It's just how it goes. Disney and tweens go hand in hand. Since a new year is upon us and it's inevitable that there will be some new singing diva-ette in the 2012 spotlight, here are our picks for Five Disney Tweens to Become the Next Selena Gomez.


5. Bella Thorne: Wow, this 14-year-old does it all! She's an actress, dancer, model, and of course, a singer. She has appeared on plenty of shows and most is recently getting recognition for her role as an aspiring dancer named CeCe Jones on Disney channels, “Shake it Up!” Her contribution on the TV show's CD called, “Shake it Up: Break it Down” (on Walt Disney's music label) has been popular on the charts and she'll be in the Disney channel original movie called, “Frenemies” in January. With all of this going on and at such a young age it's a wonder how she ever fits in school work! Ha. Who cares? She's about to have a ton of Disney money and I am sure that cushions the blow of missing school work.

4. Bridgit Mendler: What can one say about 19-year-old Bridgit Mendler? This musician, singer-songwriter and actress now stars on the wildly popular Disney Channel show Good Luck Charlie. She's actually been on a bunch of Disney shows including a reoccurring role on, Wizards of Waverly Place with the teen-queen Selena Gomez in the flesh! With plenty of songs laced throughout Disney TV shows, she's set to release her debut album in 2012 and I suspect it'll sell right next to any Selena album. Dare I say, she could sell more than Selena? Yeah, I said it. The appeal of Bridgit is, kids love her, girls want to be her, and for the guys… well, she's legal. Selena better watch her back.

3. Stefanie Scott: This 15- year-old singer and actress currently plays “Lexi” on Disney channel's A.N.T. Farm, but in 2012 it's doubtful that her career will end there. She's already won a Young Artist Award for her work in Flipped and she's also a songwriter. From what we've seen from songwriter Taylor Swift, this could propel Stefanie into making history. She released a single in December called, “The Girl I Used to Know” and in 2012 she'll be starring in Frenemies on the Disney channel. For a 15-year-old, she's accomplished, she's a hard worker, and she's probably on the path to take over the tween-queen title. Watch out Selena!

2. Jasmine Villegas: Jasmine is only 18, and already she's been signed to Sony, toured with Selena's boo Justin Bieber, been in countless videos, sang “The Star-Spangled Banner” before plenty of boxing matches, and of course has had a cameo on the Disney channel. If there is one thing that is clear, it's that Jasmine has the passion and drive to rise all of the way to the top and compete with the best of them. What she has that the others don't have is what I like to call the ever adorable, “tween-tude.” Her no nonsense approach mixed with her innocence will mos def give her the upper hand in 2012!

1. Zendaya Coleman: At the young age of 15, this little tween is so cool that she has dropped her last name ala Madonna or Rihanna. Zendaya is one of those “triple threats” with her talents being singing, acting, and dancing and it seems to us that the teens worldwide are starting to take notice as she stars in the Disney channel hit Shake It Up. Her first single, “Swag it Out” is available, her first movie role comes out in 2012  (Frenemies) that also stars fellow list maker (and the co-star in her Disney show “Shake It Up”) Bella Thorne and Stefanie Scott. Man, these chicks sure do run in packs! Hmmmm, maybe a power-tween group in 2015?

It's entirely possible that all of these little missies have a chance making it big, if you're into teeney bopper tunes. I mean, seeing how the current state of music is, and the fact that they are at least getting out there and trying–you just never know. That being said and in the spirit of New Years, let's try to make better music in 2012 and to thank you, I will personally try to write better articles, and we will all promise to not drink and drive…or get banned from the Slidebar. Happy New Years!

Ali Lerman knows much about comedy, basketball, and celebrating Wu-Tang Wednesday. She’s been writing for fifteen years and still calls her mom with grammatical questions.

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