Flier of the Week: Club Pistol at Detroit Bar

Sometimes, picking a Flier of the Week is just too easy.​ In this case, it's obvious that Detroit Bar's Club Pistol will do just about anything to grab your attention these days.

Nothing says “come hang out here” like a spikey-haired tranny  waiving a gun in your face. That said, we have to give Detroit props for having a sense of humor. Even more props for the guy who allowed his face to be the, ah, “butt” of the joke. Whoever he is, Mario outta buy him a drink.
There's no doubt that this flier could make the average person question what really goes on at this mid-week club night.


For those who haven't been, it's pretty much a small gathering of night owls dancing with cheap drinks in-hand as resident DJs mix a half-descent selection of back-in-the-day hip-hop with shards of electro and bouncy club jams. If it sounds a little stale, it is. No wonder their promotion has come to this.

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