Flier of the Week: Punk Rock Night at Malone's, Thurs. July 22

Talk about an awesome way to die–mauled by two braless sex kittens wielding machetes. We can tell by the look on Mr. Mustachio's face over there that he's more aroused than terrified. As a matter of fact, the line-up on this week's flier has us a bit excited as well. 
There's some tremendously diverse acts on the bill. Tomorrow night, Malone's in Santa Ana hosts their Punk Rock Night featuring the Radioactive Chicken Heads with the Family Shocksthe Urinal CakesSuperkillOn SwitchTakse Driver and Inazuma

Whether you're into costumed joke bands, samurai rock & roll, growling female bass players, foul-mouthed punk, black-hearted shoe gaze or all of the above, you'll find a little bit of everything at this gig. 
Some of you may already be familiar with the odd-ball theatrics of the Radioactive Chicken Heads and their metal-tinged comedic punk a la GWAR and Green Jelly. Props to them for being one of the few bands willing to risk heat stroke under giant animal heads in order to entertain a crowd. There also happen to be some shredding musicians in the bunch. 
We can also vouch for a few other bands on this bill, including the break-neck energy of LA-by-way-of-Japan trio Inazuma, who's aggressive live show will deliver a deft round house kick straight to your face. Add in the throat-shredding, snare-slamming moxie of Santa Ana's Takse Driver, On Switch, Superkill and the Urinal Cakes (now there's a punk rock name!) and you've got yourself a long night of local bands–some you'll cheer for and some that will force you to cover your ears in pain. As for the flier's promise  of “ball players, babes and booze,” we're betting the booze is the only thing you can count on. But what else is new?

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