How Do You Follow the Disney California Adventure Re-Do? Make Hulk Mad

How do you follow a boffo grand re-opening weekend at Disney's California Adventure?

By marrying future expansion plans with a comic-book series whose movie franchise is drawing boffo box office around the world.

As Disney unveiled it's $1 billion California Adventure re-do, Tom Staggs, chairman
of the Mouse's parks and resorts division, told Reuters his
design team is pushing hard to ensure the Marvel superhero team The Avengers is included in future expansion plans that are anticipated to cost another billion.

“We were hard at
work on attractions using Marvel characters previously,” Staggs reportedly said, “and that work
has only intensified given (the film's) great success. . . . The setting has to be right, the story has to be
right. That takes a fair amount of time.”

Here's why it might be worth the wait for local park hoppers: unlike past attractions, which seem to invariably roll out in Florida first before coming to California (if they even do), a ride themed after The Hulk, Iron Man, Captain
America and the rest may be confined to Anaheim. That's because Disney
is contractually restricted from bringing Marvel characters to Orlando, where they are licensed to Universal

Walt Disney Pictures' The
has reportedly sold more than $1.3 billion worth of tickets worldwide.

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