Jim Breuer Talks Dads, Radio and Goats (Yeah, Goats)

You might think you know Jim Breuer from “Half Baked” (his Raw Dog radio show on Sirius), or maybe as the best mammal ever (“Goat Boy” from SNL), but the facts are the facts.
Breuer is so much more than just another funny guy. Jim is a dad, a husband, and an all-around good son. Or at least he tries.

If you want to catch the many sides to Jim Breuer, come out to the Irvine Improv tonight (Sept. 22) through Sunday (Sept. 25) because this is sure to be one rockin' show!

OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): Not to start it off on a dark note but, the story you told on Opie & Anthony phone call to your mom was ummm…well, I was a little uncomfortable with it.

Jim Breuer: Oh you heard that? It was weird. Yeah, it was really weird.


Seriously, and then with “Dr. William Tetley” in the mix…

Yeah, Opie was freaking amazing though! He got things out of her!
“You hit him 50 percent but you mean 80 percent?” It was really weird being there
because we are all professionally funny, and everyone was really taken
back by the whole thing. To hear my mom on the radio from, “hey how are
you,” to “yeah I hit him but I don't know why I hit him” was crazy. And
if you saw my dad, people can't believe it. I mean, he's wheel chaired
and in a hospital bed. And you clock him? Whoa. No! What's going on?

Yeah, and she was like, “I sprinkled water on him.” I feel bad saying it, but I kinda think your mom did dump water on him.

Oh without a doubt! I literally moved her out the next day and I got
her in an independent home. My dad is now having a blast at my house. I
should have done it so much longer ago.

Is that the plan now? He'll be living with you?

Oh yeah! Done. He's here forever.

I'm no Jewish doctor, but could the anger your mom has towards your
dad have something with jealousy of your relationship with him?

There are so many things. There wasn't a history of her being mean,
but she has a history that is unexplainable. She has a lot of dark
mysteries. I don't know. That could be a contributor, but it could be a
lot things. Who knows?

Well, all I can say is I am pretty tough and it really got me. I think it was radio at its finest.

The reason I do those things is because it reaches out and touches
people and it connects with people. It makes them feel a little more
sane because they think it only happens in their house. That's the
reason I put it out there. I don't like when people hide all of their
dark stuff, just put it out there man! We're meant to help each other!

I watched the trailer to “More Than Me” on YouTube and may I say…it
was emotionally funny. I fell in love with your dad in two minutes.
When can we see the full version?

It's preordered now and we got a lot of presales! I handed over the
final thing to have it copied to start being distributed by October. You
can only get it on my website and then I'll bring it on the road with
me. What I wanna do is have screenings in towns so we set up a “More
Than Me Movie” Facebook page. If enough people want to see it we'll set
up a screening in their town and do it!

What about showing it before the shows?

Yeah that is something I have to think about too because it's very
funny and it's very powerful. I don't know if you'll be ready for a
comedy show after that! It's a show in itself. You watch that and a
show? You'll be wiped. I gotta keep my options open though.

Good call for the record, I loved what I saw because my dad also has a hard time saying I love you.

Oh you're gonna love my movie then! It's all of us. There is really is a part of all of us in there. It's freaking awesome.

On a lighter note dammit, I will be bringing my book to the show for
an autograph. Also, do you meet people after the show for autographs?

Yeah! After every show I also bring books and I sign everything after
the show. DVD's, books, and I may have some “More Than Me” DVD's and
that would be the first night I have them. But I don't know yet. I'm
always there though signing after the shows.

I think fans really appreciate that…and the feedback on the book?

I would say women love it. The real compliment is for guys to love
it. So many guys come up to me and said, “If you and Ozzy and Jimi
Hendrix…I tell ya. It's amazing.” I haven't heard anyone say it sucks.
It's got everything. You have those times when I'm out there to crush,
and there are stories in that book that will have you howling! And then
there are stories that will have you emotionally involved. It's a roller
coaster that goes up and down. It's just like the O&A you heard the
other day, you read on chapter and you're like, oh my godddd!! Then
you're like, yeahhhh!!! It's an emotional roller coaster. It's good.

Well that makes for a good read! How is your Raw Dog show on Sirius doing? I'm a big fan.

We are doing good! We're the top dogs in comedy channels. It funny
because we are like the silent show. We've been there longer than Stern,
longer than O&A, and it I never know if people are listening. I go
on the road and people are like, “I heard you doing Ralphie May and

Yeah you do a spot-on Steve-O!!

Thank you. People really like the show. Thank god!

How do you keep it fresh?

I don't. You know how I honestly keep it fresh? I don't know what I'm
doing all the way until show time. I just show up and say, do we have a
guest? They say, “Yes.”And I say, “Ohhhh.”

Is that a good “Ohhh” or a bad “Ohhh?”

It's a good “Ohhh” because I like the approach of sort of meeting
someone on the street that you are dying to meet like, oh my god!! I
can't believe it! Oh my god!! Like Johnny Knoxville walked into the
studio and I was like, Oh my god! I like not knowing. I'm better
spontaneous sometimes.

It's probably hard to pin point but, who's been your favorite guest to have on so far?

Ohhh. You know what? Hmmmm that's really hard. I'm gonna say the
rockers. Ummm…Metallica and the guys from Judas Priest. Whenever the
rockers come on they are freaking awesome! And I have to say Cosby was
one of my favorites too.

As in Bill Cosby? Scratch that. Obviously. Anyways, is there a “dream guest” scenario for you?

Oh yeah. The dream guests would be Billy Crystal and Robin Williams. And Eddie Murphy.

Right! And Eddie Murphy should do it, isn't he hosting something coming up?

Oh he don't need me!

He does though! I think you're more popular than he is. It's 2011 you know!

[Laughs.] I don't know about that but I'm gonna have to think on that one!

Any chance that you'll join forces again with Jim Norton, Bill Burr,
and Dave Attell to do an “Anti-Social Networking” show in California? I
feel like we just left off the list!

I haven't heard anything so I'm gonna assume no.

Well then an official public plea. I want to see that tour in L.A. pretty please!

[Laughs.] That's something you'll have to ask Jim Norton. He was the ring leader.

It's out there now. Can I just say I lived for Goat Boy on SNL. I
guess I just wanted to tell you and I don't know how you came up with it
but props!

Oh people love Goat Boy! Come to the show and I'll explain it to you.

Done deal. I hear your daughter does a pretty great Goat Boy impersonation.

Oh yeah, the middle one. She's like a mimic, it's pretty scary.

Ever think of doing a sitcom about your family? I think it would be a hit…

I haven't but ABC has and we'll film a pilot this fall.

Nice! That's perfect! Who do you think will play your dad? Any ideas?

I don't know but I know who they are talking about and I can't reveal
it. I will say this though, it'd be pretty freaking amazing.

Is it William Shatner?

No! I will say he was a huge dad in television and the he made a
couple of big family films. Then I saw him in a family film where he was
older recently. It would just be a perfect fit. We'll see.

While I rack my brain…what kind of show are you going to dazzle our Irvine audience with September 22nd- 25th?

What I always do. High energy, storytelling, hard laughs, and
impressions. Every show is different. I won't know what I'm doing until I
walk out there and scope that crowd out!

You can follow Jim Breuer on Twitter @JimBreuer and to see the trailer
of “More Then Me” give them a “like” on their Facebook page. Also, get
your tickets now to see Jim at the Irvine Improv this Thursday (9/22)
through Sunday (9/25). For tickets call 949-854-5455 or log onto:
www.improv.com The Improv is located at 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA
92618 (21+ over)

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