Krush Groove Kept Fans On Their Feet at the Forum

Krush Groove
The Forum

On Sat. April, 23 93.5 FM KDAY hosted their 7th annual Krush Groove at The Forum in Inglewood. The Live Nation event booked some of hip-hop’s favorites, including Warren G, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, DJ Quik, Suga Free, Ja Rule and Ashanti. With a line up practically jumping out of the ’90s, it’s no surprise the sold out show was filled with people in their thirties ready to show the handful of millennials, they all still got it. Krush Groove was a prime example of what hip-hop concerts should look like.

When it comes to going out, especially to a big event like this, the vibe has to be just right. Shortly after the show started, I was worried that was in jeopardy as the first couple of acts nearly put the audience to sleep. It wasn’t the lyrics or the artists themselves, but the vibe they gave off did not get the crowd going. I wasn’t familiar with any of the songs, so I proceeded to ask those around me who was on stage and I got the same answer, “I don’t know.” Then I realized, every show needs an opener.

Fortunately, Warren G came on the stage and completely set the tone for the rest of show. I’ve seen Warren G several times, and I never seen the audience like this. He had nearly 11,000 people on their feet, dancing and singing every word to his most popular songs like, Regulate, This D.J., Do You See and I Want It All. When he lowered the music for the crowd to sing the lyrics, each word was so loud, it seemed like the volume matched that of the microphone. Before Warren left the stage, he made sure to leave the crowd going crazy and did a tribute to his fallen friend and West Coast OG, Nate Dogg.

The KDAY radio hosts came on stage, played hit music and conversed with the crowd in an effort to keep them entertained between each act. After Warren G, it didn’t seem like an issue, nor did it seem like anyone sat down afterwards. So when they announced Bone Thugs it felt like the Forum walls were vibrating from all the cheers.

Only three of the Bone Thugs members were there, but that did not change the fans explosive reaction as they rapped their number one songs, 1st of tha Month, East 1999, and Thuggish Ruggish Bone. In addition to their own songs, Bone got the audience involved by performing well known songs by Easy E, Notorious B.I.G., and Tupac Shakur. They ended their set with a dedication to artist who died too soon and sang Crossroads, Ja Rule did differently.

After an overly long intro, Ashanti’s sexy ass in a gold and black bodysuit came out with Ja Rule. Ja took a moment to personally recognize and award some of the best rap artists, then they took turns with the stage, captivating the audience and likely bringing back good high school memories to everyone listening. And for everyone watching the best part of Ashanti’s performance was her giving a lap dance to some lucky guy from the crowd. The duo have a chemistry that I could feel as they sang, Always on Time and Mesmerize while smoke blew up from the ground and confetti fell from the ceiling.

Before the last artists took the stage, Live Nation and KDAY gave everyone in attendance a little surprise, a preview of the upcoming movie All Eyes on Me which comes out June 16. The movie is about the life of Tupac Shakur and we were lucky to get a long look at different parts of it before anyone else. In addition, KDAY brought David Blake Jr., DJ Quik’s son, with them to present the KDAY Honor’Z Award to DJ Quik, acknowledging his music artistry and influence.

So naturally DJ Quik, Hi-C and Suga Free went crazy, taking it back to Pitch in on a Party, Sweet Black Pussy, You’z a Gangsta and Do I Love Her. They came out one by one signing different songs, the fans on the floor were felling it so hard, they didn’t realize the show was over and no one else was coming out. I think they were expecting another surprise, it wasn’t until the Forum lights came on that people started heading for the door, still bopping their heads.

I’ve been to many shows and concerts but never to Krush Groove, and let me tell you… wow. Won’t be missing that again.

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