“Look What The Cat Dragged In”-era Poison biopic!

What with all the concern over Bret Michaels' condition, I got to thinking: If someone were to make a Look What the Cat Dragged In-era biopic about the glam-metal band Poison, who would play the roles of each rouged-out rocker?

I know it's been weighing heavily on your mind as well, so I went
ahead and put together this comprehensive list of the four most
appropriate people to play these roles. When that fateful day eventually
comes (which, with movies like The Back-up Plan being produced,
it will) movie studios won't need to go through a slew of
time-wasting casting calls to find the appropriate gang of glam-metal
guy-girls. You're welcome, Hollywood!

Bret Michaels, as played by Tara Reid
is ten times the rock star than Bret could ever hope to be. Where it
took Michaels nearly a decade of fame and fortune to become completely
ruined, Reid managed to do it within just a handful of years. She also
has puking and plastic surgery down to a science, two integral aspects
of portraying a believable Michaels onscreen.

C.C. DeVille, as played by Phyllis Diller
a little known fact that in the early days of Poison C.C. DeVille would
borrow Phyllis Diller's wigs for the band's live performances. So who
better to portray the most drag-queeniest band member in their biopic?
Talk Diller to me!

Bobby Dall, as played by The Progressive

She plays bass while saving you hundreds on car
insurance! This is a true case of life imitating art imitating life:
Dall himself now works part-time in Pomona as a telemarketer for

Rikki Rockett, as played by any of the
creepy kids on “Little Miss Perfect”

Oh, man… I'm
waiting for Chris Hansen of “To Catch a Predator” to kick in my
door just for looking at that photo.

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