Mick Fleetwood on His Early Years and the Grateful Dead: 'The Whole Audience Was on Acid'

Fleetwood Mac founder Mick Fleetwood appears in a new interview today as part of the Off The Record music conversation series. Shot in Mick's adopted hometown of Maui, the video features Fleetwood making small talk and jamming with Brooklyn singer Nicole Atkins.


While Fleetwood and his new protege sound fine together, our favorite part of the interview is Mick's anecdote about dropping acid and opening for the Grateful Dead 40 years ago in New Orleans.

We're somewhat perplexed that Fleetwood, always such a candid guy, never mentions to Atkins his supporting role in Arnold Schwarzenegger's 1987 action flick, The Running Man (which also starred Dweezil Zappa and Family Feud host Richard Dawson).

Since we here at Heard Mentality believe that rock's elders must share their entertainment industry wisdom with the kids, we are stunned that Fleetwood would fail to mention his important contribution to 1980s cinema to his young friend.

In case Mick is experiencing a senior moment or, god forbid, ashamed of his long-ago dalliance with Arnie, we dug up the trailer for him (and the rest of you) to enjoy:

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