Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

Lovable Everyman James Stewart single-handedly takes on the villains of D.C. in this 1939 Frank Capra classic that sees the naive, trusting Mr. Smith get appointed to the United States Senate only to be manipulated by Lionel Barrymore—wait, that Capra-corn was It’s a Wonderful Life. At the time, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was touted as one of “the most significant films to ever come out of Hollywood,” and its message is still strong more than 70 years later. This week, screenwriter/film expert Michael Berlin hosts a showing of the film at Bowers Museum, then moderates a discussion to be held afterward. Political corruption run amok? Sadly, that’s still very much a universal topic, especially in the city in which the film screens.

Thu., Nov. 4, 1:30 p.m., 2010

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