Noche De Los Psychos

To the casual listener, the psychobilly music scene seems to be gearing up for a revival of sorts, but as diehard fans with flattop hairdo's and quiffs would tell you, it's remained strong all these years. Tonight's Noche De Los Psychos event proves this point, with musical guests that include local trio Crash Cadillacs to pioneers The Meteors. Boasting themselves as originators of the genre, British band The Meteors are the undisputed Kings of Psychobilly, having formed in 1980 and played alongside other British groups The Clash and UK Subs. Thirty-plus years, nearly fifty albums and several lineup changes later, The Meteors have stayed on top of the psychobilly pyramid, not breaking for single minute and continuing to pump their tracks next to newer generations the world over.

Fri., May 15, 8 p.m., 2015

Aimee Murillo is calendar editor and frequently covers the Orange County DIY music scene, film, arts, Latino culture and currently pens the long-running column Trendzilla. Born, raised, and based in Santa Ana, she loves bad movies, punk shows, raising her plants, eating tacos, Selena, and puns.

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