OC Speakly Podcast, Episode 12: What’s Gabby Gaborno’s Legacy for OC Punk Rock?

Welcome to episode twelve. We are devoting this episode to Gabby Gabborno, lead singer of Cadillac Tramps, Manic Hispanic, Santos y Sinners and more. We interview Weekly photographer John Gilhooley about Gabby’s legacy and music editor Nate Jackson brings you audio scenes from the memorial concert at the Observatory. We finish off with a stop at Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa for the food review. Oh, and #fuckcancer.

Show notes:

Gabby Gabborno

Cadillac Tramps

Manic Hispanic

Flock of Goo Goo

Santos Y Sinners


Interview with John Gilhooley

Nate Jackson from the memorial concert at the Observatory

  • Stage Audio
  • Jonny “Two Bags”
  • Efrem Schulz
  • Eric VonHerzen & Jim Monroe

Life on the Edge – Cadillac Tramps documentary

Frida Cinema OC screenings

  • Friday, January 27th, 8pm
  • Saturday, January 28th, 8pm

Downtown Independent LA screening

Food Review – Memphis Soul Cafe

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