OMG Battles Have A New Song In The Eclipse Soundtrack

First Radiohead, now Battles. Good god, people in charge of creating the Twilight soundtracks know how to create a buzz. We've talked about the Eclipse soundtrack on Heard Mentality before, but it was never with much excitement…until we go the announcement that for the next 24 hours, The
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
soundtrack will be streaming exclusively at
Aside from the previously announced 15 songs, there are four bonus
tracks that we didn't know about til now (two will only be available on
the digital downloads).

One of them is by the best band of this century (it's a
strong claim–until you realize that we're only 10 years in), the alt-prog-rock band Battles. Fans have been waiting for a follow up to their 2007 release, Mirrored for three years now, so hipster nerds are totally surprised that they chose to be on a teenybopper movie soundtrack–of the Twilight franchise, no less–first. Comments on Battles' MySpace range from “Your choice in soundtracks to participate in is fucking terrible!” to ”
Twilight is the literary/film
equivalent of the Ebola virus…but those soundtracks have had an
interesting range of music on them, so this could be pretty cool.” to “I like how no one's a big enough
fan of your music to get past the movie its in.”

The song itself is pretty spectacular. I'm pretty much camping out on the Eclipse soundtrack site for the rest of the day and listening to it on repeat.

The soundtrack will be available in stores and online next Tuesday, June 8.
Twilight Saga: Eclipse
hits theatres Wednesday, June 30.

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