Reel Big Fish to Tour with Goldfinger and Aquabats!

The press release called the event an “all-out bash of the ska punk titans,” and we'd have to agree. In a previous interview with OC Weekly, Reel Big Fish front man Aaron Barrett said they'd performed in Brazil with Goldfinger earlier this year; it was so much fun they decided to set out and do a real tour. (Well, four dates, anyway.)

None of those dates will be local–but the two bands will be performing close enough, with a date at the House of Blues in San Diego (Nov. 3) and LA (Nov. 4) . They're also stopping at San Luis Obispo (Nov. 6) and Las Vegas (Nov. 7).

Soon after, Reel Big Fish will be joining the Aquabats–first to play a song on the Yo Gabba Gabba! Live national concert tour, and then on a full-fledged set of dates with their long-time homies.


The band will perform at Yo Gabba Gabba! Live on Nov. 9 in Salt Lake City, then kick off their tour with the Aquabats on the same night. Again, no local dates–the tour ends in Washington D.C.–but you never know; they might surprise us with a giant homecoming show.

The latest Reel Big Fish release–A Best of Us.For the Rest of Us is now for sale on Best Buy. It's the CD that Barrett was talking about when he said they wanted to take back control of their music (after they split with their old label, none of the proceeds of the songs went to the band). So they created new studio versions of the band's biggest hits and fan favorites, and added a bonus “Skacoustic” disc that features 14 acoustic tracks.

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