LONEFOXX Burlesque Presents HUNT @ Harvelle’s LB

Creators: Nikki Dalonzo & Jamie Donovan
Dancers:  Miss Marquez, Amy Ryerson, Precious Lanee

HUNT is a powerful show featuring an evening of immersive burlesque.Rooted in a dark blend of kink and kitsch, the show aims to introduce you to the dirty side of glamour.

Somewhere between the slinking of Bettie Page and the turbulence of Courtney Love, the Ladies of LONEFOXX will sink their teeth in and leave you begging for more.

They swing from the rafters. They crawl across the bar. The entire setting is their stage and you are their prey. Take a break from the mundane and join the HUNT.

All photos by Wednesday Aja, wednesdayaja.com

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