The Abigails' Singer Warren Thomas: “I'm Not Dead”

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Imagine our surprise after seeing the Growlers' Saturday night performance at FYF, when singer Brooks Nielsen announced that the Abigails' singer Warren Thomas had died, and yesterday we get a call from a guy claiming to be Warren Thomas. Holy shit! Was this a g-g-g-g-g-host in our midst?!

Ok, we weren't surprised. After deputies at the Orange County Coroner's office checked their fridge Sunday morning and said Thomas wasn't in there, and activity on Thomas's Facebook page Saturday night suggested otherwise, I doubted the troubadour was riding the midnight train to Magottsville. 
Indeed, Thomas is very much alive.


“I just like passed out for a few days,” said Thomas. “I guess there was a misunderstanding.” 
few days huh? Saturday night, the Growler's frontman Brooks Nielsen,
wearing a pin with his supposedly dead friend Thomas's name emblazoned
on it, told the audience that his friend had been on a “bender” and that
his heart “just couldn't take it.” 
On the
phone yesterday, Thomas declined to get into specifics as to what may
have brought on this big sleep, demurring, “Sometimes you just gotta
sleep. I guess I was tuckered out.”
With Thomas
alive, we can look forward to live performances of the Abigail's
forthcoming album, which he says will be released by Burger/Mono Records in December. The band also has the November residency at Los Angeles venue The Echo. With rock stars rising from the dead, and a new Abigail's album on the way, it feels like Christmas has come early.

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