This Week In Food: A Nutty Pastor, A Racist Churro, and the New Cottage Food Law

Hey, welcome to February. Or should I say FeBREWary?! Eh, eh? Maybe not, but this week in food brings you a good brew story all the way from Tijuana, amongst other food related things as usual. In fact, the beginning of February has had so many good blogs, including some from visiting writers, that it was actually difficult to narrow them down into a bite sized recap. So, forgive the food humor cheese (ha!) and let's take a look.

reviewed Garden Grove's new gastropub, The Globe. Then he gave us the Restaurant Roll Call for January, which brought us El Toro Bravo – where you can find the most delicious looking burritos imaginable. They look so good that I might go get one after writing this. Next he told us about an odd restaurant location that keeps opening and closing, but always with burgers. And last, he shared a new app that will translate Chinese menus.

Gustavo took us to 301 Café in Placentia for his Hole in the Wall review, and he wrote that they have the best wet burritos around; if it's coming from this guy then it's probably true. Next he told us about a letter from JFK's mother in which she declared her distaste for Mexican food. Ok! More for us if she was still alive, but ah, rest in peace, Rose. Then he told us about a dilemma going down at the OC Fair where the Fair Board director is worried that a costume character might be a little racist. He shared the opening of yet another new restaurant in downtown SanTana, and last, posted Geeta Bansal's interview with Albert Adria, the pastry genius.

Dave told us a crazy story about some whack job Pastor who refused to tip a server at Applebee's because, drum roll, she doesn't give 18% of her money to God. Next, to keep things in the vein of his Happy Hour guide that came out this week, he told us how to go about buying good tequila. Then he shared the opening of a tasty tasty new restaurant in Capo Beach, and last but never least, he released the 11th part of his Yelp! reviews series.

Anne Marie interviewed the awesome Roland Rubalcava for her On The Line column, and gave us a synopsis of her time at SF's Winter Fancy Food Fest. Then she gave us something to look forward to – the fancy Super Bowl spread at Savannah Chop House in Laguna Nigel. Bill told us about the craft beer scene south of the border for Tijuana Si! Sarah took us to Kabob Curry, an Indian and Pakistani restaurant, for her Long Beach Lunch. Shuji covered SanTana's meeting on the new Cottage Food law, which not only has a cool name, but is an awesome step in the right direction for food in general.

Jack Grimshaw, our sweet, British, proofreader went to The Cellar in Fullerton and named their Black Velvet the Drink of the Week. Roland Rubalcava made another appearance this week in my monthly Make it Mexican with Roland series, and this time showed us how to prepare pozole. Our web intern, Taylor Weik, showed us some paninis to eat right now. And last, we had a story from our renowned R. Scott Moxley (also known as the man, because he's the man) about a legal battle involving S&S Hawaiian BBQ.

Not bad for the first days of the month! Check back soon – we'll be FeBREWing up some new food stories…ok, sorry for that last one.

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