This Week In Food: Taco Bell & Shotguns, Bourbon, and Gay Oktoberfest


What the hell is going on in this picture? Believe it or not, it's based on true events. Read all about it and more stories you may have missed this week after the jump!

As Michelle pointed out, some people take their hot sauce very seriously. One man in Missouri pulled a shotgun on a Taco Bell employee who forgot to put it in his bag. 

Gustavo asks why the granddaddy of all Oktoberfests in Munich has a “Gay Sunday” but our local incarnations do not. Also: a Ukranian man died after winning a dumpling eating contest. RIP. Here's five things you're doing wrong with Mexican food

Dave gave us five things you didn't know about bourbon. Also: UFCW cancelled their grocery store contract and removed the final barrier to strike. Pie is good

Edwin found OC's newest food truck, Sexy Burger by happenstance. Also, a study shows that hungry people crave junk food. Witness the man that puts many a barista to shame
Finally, Anne Marie went On the Line with chef Josef Lageder of First Cabin. Read parts one, two and three here. 
Happy eating!

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