Tom Leykis Adds “Fullerton Police Department-Style” to His List of “Take Me Out…” Audio Clips

On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of talking about the Kelly Thomas murder on The Tom Leykis Show. I had Facebooked Tom the horrific beating that the Fullerton police inflicted on Kelly; Tom was so disturbed that we talked about the incident for two hours, taking phone calls from apologists and non-apologists alike.

Leykis is a self-described supporter of cops, but the video so disturbed him–“worse than Rodney King,” he repeated again and again–that he's now out to ridicule those killers. And his best way to ridicule is to immortalize the target as one of the “Take Me Out…” clips listeners traditionally request after ending their call, like “Kobe style” (Kobe Bryant's weak-ass apology to his wife after cheating on her backed by the sounds of a moaning woman) and so many more.

Now, behold “Fullerton PD style”

Tom Leykis Show – Fullerton PD Style 

It's, of course, just a snippet of the horrific beating Fullerton officers inflicted on Thomas.

Leykis told me that supporters of killer cops Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli are already furious, which means we should ask the Professor to play it ALWAYS. He also gave the Weekly  this statement:

As I had explained on the show yesterday, several wiseass listeners asked me if I was “too much of a pussy to take people out Kelly Thomas-style.”

After thinking it over, I decided that although we take people out Whitney Houston-style, Kelly Thomas did nothing to bring on this outcome and, as such, he is a true victim who shouldn't be made fun of. 

However, the audio of his beating, hard as it is to hear, is our way to honor his memory and to tell the story: that we believe that this is the way that the city of Fullerton and, especially its police department, do business.

It's painful to hear this clip, for sure. And we mean no disrespect to Kelly's memory or to Ron Thomas. On the contrary, I hope that this clip will continue to remind everyone about the changes that need to come in Fullerton and anywhere else in which police brutality is a reality.

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