“Top 5 Songs That Trigger Tears When Drinking” According to Jen Murphy.

Jen Murphy sure is one witty and wild chick and while some might even label her “crazy,” we're certain they are referring to her comedy being crazy hilarious. Another thing that is kind of “crazy” is that Murphy comes off all sweet and innocent but when she hits that stage, what's coming out of that mouth of hers is a sexual innuendo fest full of funny. We're not here to point fingers but we do sort of think that you'd be the crazy one if you didn't go check her out for yourself at the Irvine Improv this Wednesday (July 10th) at 8pm. Before the hump day shenanigans go down (and because we happen to know that Jen enjoys a glass (or several) of white wine), we asked her to give us her “Top 5 Songs That Trigger Tears When Drinking.” Why you ask? Because obviously drinking and music go hand in hand and when you are, let's just say, a little “crazy shitfaced” yourself, you might just need a good drunken cry before you pass out. Clearly, you are not alone.


5. Guns N' Roses, “November Rain”

Jen Murphy: I think part of it for me is because when I hear “November Rain,” I think of the video. Also then, part of me cries because Stephanie Seymour is sooo beautiful. I want to be that beautiful. I want to wear a wedding dress! And it's not like you're looking at the video like, oh it's a wedding! It's that Stephanie Seymour just looks like a chick that would take tequila shots at her wedding. It's so rock star! Oh my god, I forgot about the dramatic ending and her dying at the end of the video. I have a tendency to block out some parts of things. [Laughs.] Now it even got sadder. Maybe subconsciously I knew about it though and that's why it makes me cry.

4. Foo Fighters, “Monkey Wrench”

It's so just brutal if you've ever been the person in the relationship that loses all of their power and you are just getting stepped on. You hear “Monkey Wrench” and it's almost empowering in a way because you're like, yeah I'm not going to be that again…and then you are that again. It's like, “Oh fuck! I don't know why I'm getting crushed again!” There is nothing worse than knowing you've lost all of your power in a situation. It's like you can spend all day ignoring them and then late at night you send a text and you're like, oh shit I fucked up again! Dammit I love the Foo Fighters.


3. Poison, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”

I think this is more like a cool nostalgic song. It's almost like this weird rock style of therapy. Like don't worry, it's OK that I am still getting poked with thorns. That's love. You try to make yourself believe that love hurts and that's the way it's supposed to be. The tortured artist. This song is just a classic. When I hear it I'm like, yes!

2. Bon Jovi, “I'll Be There For You”

This is such a great song! This is the song that really makes you want to be in a loving relationship. You know when you know a song for so long and then you hear it and you realize one line and you're like, oh my god that is great and hilarious? Well that happened and now my favorite line of the song is, “I wish I'd seen you blow those candles out.” Like, he missed her birthday! It's so dramatic. I never knew that line was in there. This is just the song that makes you want to be in love where they'll say, “I love you even though you're crazy.” It's like if you find the guy who can handle your crazy, this song would totally be playing in the background.

1. U2, “All I Want Is You”

“All I Want Is You” is the ultimate song to sit alone and cry to when you're drunk. What a good one! It's sad but so beautiful. Bono is the ultimate man too because he's talented and he does amazing things for the world. [Laughs.] Wait. I think that this song was also in Reality Bites with Ethan Hawke and Wynonna Ryder which makes this even better! See, my subconscious was working without me even knowing it!

Jen Murphy performs at the Irvine Improv on July 10th, 71 Fortune Drive Irvine, CA 92618, (949) 854-5455. For tickets go to www.Improv.com and for more info, check out her website www.JenMurphyLive.com. You can also hit her up for free tickets on Facebook and by following her on Twitter: @JenMurphyComedy.

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