Top Five Wackiest Music Videos From Suburban Legends

Few genres engender the same kind of unabashed humor of third-wave ska. And among the canon of wonderful, brass-wielding weirdos that infiltrated the genre in the mid to late '90s,  few continue to bring their “A” game like the Huntington Beach sextet Suburban Legends. While their live show promises plenty of hands-in-the-air energy, stage dives and trombone twirling, one of the best ways to get a true taste of the humor behind these Surf City skankers is to watch their music videos. From their impetus in the late '90s to their latest album, 2012's Day Job, they've released a shit ton of them that tout asian cartoon craziness, poop-licking dog catchers and bull riding antics. With Reel Big Fish's Summer of Ska tour headed on it's way to the City National Grove of Anaheim on July 28, we decided to countdown five of the wackiest videos that show you the caliber of physical comedy and choreography these guys are into.


5. I Want More (2001)

This track is off their self titled EP featuring former vocalist Chris Batstone. Clearly the band stuck true to their DIY roots, judging by the shoestring budget that was probably spent renting out some high school gym. But it looks like they saves plenty of money by renting props from the school's drama department. If anything, this video is proof that it doesn't take money to make you laugh.

4. Up All Night (2004) 

A band's music video archive isn't complete until they animate themselves, and for this band, not until they include their own aptly-named super villain, Skazilla, to attack the city of Tokyo. Even in animation form, the ladies (and men!) still go crazy for guitarist Brian Klemm. Skazilla's skanking at the end seems to show that he digs 'em too. 
3. Infectious (2007)

This song is one of the most experimental tracks the band has released off their 2007 album Infectious. It's their transition from their ska roots to a funky disco sound. For those who are unaware of their past album releases, we wouldn't be surprised if all the hair gel and dance moves confused people into thinking they're a boy band. 
2. Come Back Home (2007)

This ditty plays tribute to a lost kitty, but in the video, a bulldog is chosen to play the part of the wayward pet. The entire track focuses on finding the pooch before the creepy, dog catcher finds him using a number of ancient tracker methods (checking the freshness of dog poop–with your tongue!). Reel Big Fish frontman, Aaron Barret, makes an appearance as Elvis at a house party. Meanwhile, the horn section's matching uniforms make it seem like they're backup dancers for Barret. 

1. High Fives (2003)

Some music videos don't require a story concept when you already have wacky band members like these dudes. This track is a fan favorite and always gets the crowd amped when performed live. It's off their 2003 album Rump Shaker. This video splices clips together that illustrate the band's shenanigans both onstage and off. It's probably the closest to capture the band's kooky stage presence–and for that, we're grateful.

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