T.S.O.L. Release Their New Album, The Trigger Complex, in January 2017

Though we've suffered plenty of music-related deaths in 2016, we know of at least one great punk band that refuses to kick the bucket. Last week on Black Friday, T.S.O.L. announced the release of their 11th studio album The Trigger Complex on Rise Records on Jan. 27, their first album since 2009's Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Free Downloads.

And what better way to celebrate the rebirth of an iconic punk band than a song about death? The lead single for the new album, “I Wanted to See You”  (also released on Black Friday) is a song about a guy who misses someone in his life who has died—so much so that he's willing to off himself just to see that person again. On the bright side, it's the most uplifting song about suicide that you're likely to hear this holiday season. That's because for the most part, the 13-tracks on The Trigger Complex are an instant throwback to a simpler time in punk rock a la The Ramones and The Damned.

“The whole record is more of a throwback to what we grew up with…It’s not the noisy punk that came out later on, this was more the punk that was more rock influenced without all the fuckin’ ego and attitude, we just wanna have fun, man,” explains Jack Grisham in a recent Facebook video post about the new album.

Considering T.S.O.L., (short for True Sounds of Liberty) have tried on a number of different sounds over the decades from punk to goth to new wave, the ability to write a great song in just about any genre never seems to dissipate. Nearly four decades after they got there start, Grisham and original members Ron Emory and Mike Roche couldn't have picked a better time to return. Check out the new song and for pre-order info, click here.

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