Ummm…Kanye and Kim Named Their Baby What?

We know it “isn't nice” to make fun of kids BUT…no one ever said it wasn't nice to make fun of the names that parents give these kids. Ever since Kanye West knocked up Kim Kardashian, social media has been buzzing trying to predict the name that they will choose for their over privileged baby. Hey, we even got into the fun and had a few suggestions of our own. After pushing out their daughter on June 15th, yesterday the speculation was finally put to rest. They settled (and we do mean settled) with North West. North effing West! What? Our suggestions weren't good enough for you? As our OC Weekly music editor Nate Jackson put it, “This will be the name that will keep on giving.” And he's right. If the jokes are endless now, they will only get worse once North West (oh my god, we can't even say that name with a straight face) hits the school scene and the daily teasing begins. Some might say with Kanye and Kim as parents she won't get teased but let's be perfectly honest here, she'll get teased even more. Don't fool yourselves.


As always when a “big event” happens (“big event” being code for “totally ridiculous event that deserves major shit talking”), Twitter explodes with comments that are completely chuckle worthy. See? We're not alone in laughing at this totally laughable name so stop judging us. And since more than a few people agree, it is game on!

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