[UPDATED: Convicted] Thuan Van Nguyen, Charged With Sexual Assault, Posed as Acupuncturist to Reach Victim

UPDATE, JULY 14, 12:45 P.M.: The man accused of sexually assaulting a woman while he was supposed to be giving her acupuncture was convicted by a jury yesterday afternoon. Thuan Van Nguyen's sentencing trial will occur on Aug. 5.

UPDATE, JULY 11, 8:30 A.M.: The trial for Thuan Van Nguyen begins today in Santa Ana for charges including sexual battery, after falsely posing as an acupuncture therapist. According to the charges, Nguyen convinced a women to disrobe and then he fondled her. Further details of the charges are in the original post below.

Charges include one misdemeanor count of sexual battery by fraud and two misdemeanor counts of sexual battery. If convicted Nguyen faces a maximum sentence of two years in prison.


ORIGINAL POST, DEC. 29, 2010, 4:59 P.M.: Acting under the pretense that he was an acupuncture therapist, Thuan Van Nguyen, 56, convinced at least one Orange County woman to disrobe and partake in some non-acupuncture acupuncture.
He met the 38-year-old victim's mother at a pharmacy and convinced the woman that he could heal her daughter's ailments. 
Meeting random dude in a pharmacy who claims to be able to heal all ailments? Hint No. 1.

The woman came to Nguyen's Santa Ana residence, and was directed into a bedroom, which contained no massage or medical equipment. Hint No. 2. He then instructed the woman to remove her shirt and lay on the bed, where he then began the treatment–using no needles. Hint No. 3. 

No needles, but some active hands. The OC Disctrict Attorney press release gives the details:

[Nguyen] is accused of massaging the victim's back and then beginning to rub her breasts. The startled victim got up and left the room.


Nguyen is accused of following Jane Doe and convincing her to return to the room by claiming that she will end up with arthritis and back problems if she did not complete her treatment. He is accused of having the victim lie on her back and continuing to sexually assault her by fondling her breasts and vaginal area and rubbing his pelvis against hers. The defendant is accused of telling Jane Doe that the touching was part of the treatment.

If convincted, Nguyen faces four years and six months two years in prison. He is out on $25,000 bail and faces arraignment on Jan. 28, 2011.
Authorities are asking anyone with further information or reports of additional assaults to contact local authorities.

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