[UPDATED, With DA's Clarification of Sentencing] Deborah Pauly's Drunken Night Out!

UPDATE: The DA's office called us—deets at the bottom of this story!

Original Post, Feb. 21, 8:30 P.M.: Villa Park councilwoman and Board of Supervisors candidate Deborah Pauly tries to pass herself off as some righteous Christian servant, but everyone knows that's a bunch of bullshit. Whether it's bashing Muslims, trashing Mexicans, supporting bigots, or talking about sodomy like she's some actress with Brazzers, Pauly is all about the tawdry—and yet she desperately tries to keep up her self-created façade.

Just look at the Ecclesiastes verse Pauly has on her Facebook page: “”A wise man's heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man's heart directs him toward the left.”

Funny thing? If her husband hadn't taken a right turn on the night of February 5 last year, he wouldn't have been arrested for a DUI, and Pauly wouldn't have to explain today why voters should trust a politician who repeatedly ignored the commands of police officers and wanted to drive home drunk.

The hilarious story—never before made public until now—started on the night of February 5, when Pauly and her husband, James, enjoyed a night out at Mr. Stox in Anaheim. James drove down Katella Avenue and into a Orange Police Department DUI checkpoint run by Officer Armando Plascencia, the Wilt Chamberlain of DUI arrests in California. To evade the checkpoint, James swerved into a driveway, crashed his Porsche onto the curb, and got stuck.

James eventually unstuck his car and drove into a parking lot, where Plascencia stopped them. According to a police report obtained by the Weekly, the officer asked James “why he collided with the curb and he said he did not.” Plascencia also pointed out that the Porsche was badly damaged and leaking what he believed to be oil, damage which James denied.

“I smelled a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from James' person,” Plascencia wrote. “I saw James' eyes were bloodshot, water, and they had a glossy appearance…I heard James slur his words heavily as he spoke.”

While Plascencia tried to administer a DUI test, another officer twice told Deborah to stay in the Porsche. James was so drunk that Plascencia repeatedly had to stop simple tests “for his safety” because James was swaying so much and nearly falling on his face. When Plascencia asked James which DUI test he'd prefer, he replied “Neither,” then yelled to Deborah—who was trying to walk to her husband despite having been told to stay near the bashed-up Porsche a third time—”he needed to submit to a blood or breath test.”

James was placed under arrest for DUI. Plascencia informed Deborah of this, who promptly “requested she be allowed to drive her husband's car home.” Plascencia didn't allow her because “while I was standing next to Deborah, I smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her person. Her eyes were blood shot, watery, and they also had a glossy appearance. Her facial muscles appeared to be flaccid. Deborah slurred her words as she spoke.”

James tried to slip off his handcuffs, according to Plascencia, who eventually restrained him by buckling him with a seat belt so he wouldn't engage in prestidigation again. A blood test determined he had a blood-alcohol content level of .17—more than twice the legal California limit. James eventually pleaded guilty to the DUI (a misdemeanor), was placed on three years probation and ordered to pay $390 in fines.

Deborah Pauly wants to represent the Third Supervisorial District and repeatedly claims that her opponent, Todd Spitzer, is unqualified and immature. Maybe you should pay attention to the booze on your husband's breath (and yours, for that matter) instead of Toddy's faults, Debbie? Feel free to leave your response in the comments below!

UPDATE: Just got a call from Orange County District Attorney's office spokesperson Farrah Emami to clarify what many of ustedes (and myself on my Facebook page haha) are insinuating: that James Pauly didn't get a sweetheart deal because he's the husband of Deborah Pauly.

According to Emami, a first-time DUI offense carries the same penalty, whether you're Pauly or some Mexican: three years probation, $390 in fines, and classes for first-time offenders. Gracias for the info, Farrah—may your office hold similar blind justice for all crimes!

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